Professional Wedding Singer

Here you can listen to demo songs of Colin’s  work.

Below are a few different playlists. The contain music from Colin Dodds, in various formats.

They range from raw and live, to studio tracks on his original album ” A Matter of Time”

Original Music

The tracks in this playlist area all recorded live, they may not be polished with autotune. But they give a more honest sound. Representative of the live sound on the day.

The first 4 songs in the list are perfect wedding songs.

Either for Signings, Aisle songs or just background music at a cocktail wedding.

You will find songs by great artists such as Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran also.

There are also some upbeat acoustics, perfect music as the tempo needs lifting later at a wedding or party.


guitar recording studio
Original Work

In 2018 Colin wrote, recorded and produced his first solo album.

5 songs from it were shortlisted for song of the year by the Australian Songwriter Association.

Colin took it on a successful tour of W.A. from Margaret River to Exmouth in the far North West of Australia.

Playing prestigious venues such as Xanadu Winery, where many famous artists have played over the years.

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