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Frequently Asked Questions - Live Music Bookings

How far do you travel

Colin Dodds is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD . Colin is happy to travel an hour outside free of charge, some travel expenses may be incurred if further distances required.

What time do you arrive for setup ?

Colin will arrive one to two hours before the event begins or guests arrive. Colin is extremely efficient in set up, all equipment will be set-up and sound check complete well before guests’ arrival.

What do you need at the venue?

It’s as simple as providing space and a power point to plug in the PA system. Space minimum for set up is 3x2 metre. If setting up outside, it’s important that there is a dry area space available to set up and to plug in. This is for the electronic equipment safety and insurance reasons.

What type of speakers do you use?

QSC industry standard premium speakers and EV ‘electro voice’. Top of the range equipment to ensure premium sound. All our gear full professional level equipment.

Our venue requires the act to hold Public Liability Insurance? Do you hold this?

Yes, we hold Public Liability Insurance. Certificate is available upon request.

Can we use your Microphone for speeches ?

Yes, of course. There is a wireless microphone available for announcements and speeches throughout the event.

How do we book?

Give us a call or email (see contacts tab) and we can get the process rolling. We’d need to take a small deposit of around 20% of the total fee to secure the act for your date. We will then issue a legally binding contract between yourselves and the act.

When do we pay the balance ?

The remaining balance will be due on or before the day of the event, prior to the performance of the act. Payments can be made in cash, PayPal or bank transfer, however bank transfers must be cleared prior to the day of performance. Tax invoice will be provided.

Does the act supply equipment ?

Yes, if the act requires equipment to perform, they will supply it, unless quoted without. We are self-contained, supplying full PA (loud speaker system), musical instruments and lighting rigs.

How long do you play for ?

Colin extensive repertoire enables him to play up to 5 hours of music for your event. This can be broken up into sets depending on your needs. Whether you decide on purely live acoustic music or the live music / DJ package, we’ve got your party covered.

How loud is the show ?

Colin’s premium set-up ensures quality sound no matter what the volume.Depending on the type of event and the time of evening, the levels will be appropriately set. How loud will the music be?Colin is highly experienced in entertaining at weddings and adept at reading the crowd so no need to worry on the night.Dinner time conversations can still be had while the live music creates the atmosphere for all to enjoy. Once the party amps up and the dance floor fills, so will the volume accordingly.Please be aware some venues have noise restrictions, it is your responsibility to check prior to booking.

Can guests sing with the band ?

Generally, no due to public liability issues and expensive equipment. However, Colin is happy for guest singer if requested in writing and arranged prior to the event.

Do you need to be provided food if we book you for reception?

If it is a long day performance, it is much appreciated if a meal & soft drinks could be provided during the event.  Please check with your reception venue for 'crew meals’, they are usually charged at reduced rate. 

Do we need to do anything on the day?

All of the live music details will be discussed prior to the event to ensure timing of your party is perfect and you and your guests have nothing to do but enjoy your night.

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